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for sure
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pro tip: none of the females in this article are (available) females. Trying this on a real PS server could land you with a ban. We do not condone harassment.

In this guide, I will discuss the Cafe Le Wow room and their good food—


macle and I will show you how to catch a giant frog—

hold on

Today, we will be finding antemortem, the gay farmer—

wait nvm

  • this installment of the epic guides will be showing the handsome reader how to get their very own girlfriend on pokemon showdown!
  • showdown is the best free dating site
  • filled to the brim with hot babes that are just waiting for you, the handsome reader, to ask them out
Step 1
  • step 1 is to let the various females of showdown know that you are indeed single and ready to mingle
  • make yourself presentable. ladies love a man that is passionate about something
  • the best way to convey your interests is via your nickname

  • for this example, i articulated this nickname with my various attractive interests.
  • epic and memer because im an epic memer
  • brony because ladies love a man thats affectionate with animals
  • 2007 because thats the year i was born
Step 2
  • if no swarms of girls have come flocking to your door yet, you might as well browse the market yourself.
  • a good place to look is the doubles room. i heard that they get double the babes.

  • lets get Electrolyte. i heard shes pretty irl but i dont know for sure.
  • woah there, woah there. don't be so quick! how can you know for sure that this person is really a girl and not someone with a penis masquerading as such?
  • a man named raseri once said that "anyone who pretends to be a girl is good enough for me." that is not the case for us, though. we want a real, bona fide female.
  • as you can see, Electrolyte clearly has an avatar with a girl in it. this person is most clearly a girl!
Step 3
  • if the lady that you initially confront rejects you for some foreign reason, it's always good to have a backup.
  • dont go all out with the romance on other potential partners, just drop some hints to let them know that you're totally worth dating on a pokemon website.
Step 4
  • step 4 is to contact the lady that you have your eye on.
  • the best way to contact a female is via private message. that will make it more romantic, if its private.

  • great! she now knows that we're single and available
  • i'll add more stuff here idk
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at first I was sad because I wanted to read about antemortem the gay farmer but I think this is better ;)


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Me gusta. This article should be good, but make sure the comedy is actually good and not cringey is all I would say.
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